Arturo Battista

A Chelaxian inquisitor with a knack for ancient history and a lack of common sense.


The son of a high ranking cleric of Asmodeus in Westcrown, Arturo led a stifled, middle class existance in the City of Shadows. His early childhood was punctuated by weekly martial practice with his father with “El Meteore”, a beautiful Katapeshian heirloom meteor hammer passed down from Batista father-to-son for generations.

Devoutly religious, his one reflief (and secret shame) was that he took great pleasure in learning about foreign civilizations and other religions, a fact that caused conflict between Arturo and his father when he decided to go to college in Egorian and major in Arcana of Ancient Civilizations.

While Arturo did well in his classes, he exhibited a certain lack of common sense; for example, once he crashed through a window and fell three stories in trying to demonstrate to a classmate that the window was unbreakable.

Upon graduating college, Arturo interned for a local detective agency that specialized in smuggled, rare, and counterfeit antiquities. His keen knowledge of ancient Osirion, Thassilon, Azanti, and other ancient civilizations served Arturo well, and, to his father’s ire (who much preferred that Arturo return to Westcrown and join the Asmodean seminary), Arturo decided to stay in Egorian and continue to work as a Antiquities Detective.

It wasn’t long before his new career, and lack of any common sense, got him into trouble: he became tangled up with Paracountess Zarta Dralneen, a beautiful and scheming Egorian countess who trapped Arturo in a complicated and highly illegal scam involving counterfeit Thassilonian artifacts. Threatening to expose Arturo to his father and the Wiscrani nobility, Zarta now had Arturo under her thumb. Knowing well his skills in antiquity, she commanded him to join the Pathfinder Society as a double agent in her employ, leveraging his position in the Society to carry out her own complicated double dealings.

Arturo Battista

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