Matt 'Stingray' Smythe

Ray was born(?) and raised on what the crew liked to call a ‘free trading’ vessel, the “Fair Maiden”.

At least he thinks he was born on the waves, since that’s the only life he’s ever known. The vessel he served on was an outfitted schooner, often posing as a merchant vessel for various missions. She mainly handled nefarious smuggling missions, carrying cargo the usual merchant ships would refuse. Should smuggling work have been lacking, they’d turn to piracy, hunting down those who had so easily scorned good coin.

The Fair Maiden never stuck to the same waters longer than absolutely necessary, always to either evade capture or to seek out fatter purses.

A favourite of the crew would be to act as if they were in distress, often (but not always) luring in an unsuspecting and well-meaning captain. The ship would then uncover and aim the siege weapons, arrows and crossbows at a merchant ship, and naturally, the merchants would gladly ‘trade’ with them for their freedom.

It was an adventurous life, and fraught with risk and uncertainly. For weeks at a time they lived day to day as they sailed along foreign coastlines, trying to keep out of sight of the larger escorted fleets to instead pick off those foolish enough to venture out unaccompanied.

Ray was happy enough, until all that ended a few months ago. He left the crew and now wanders from city to city, finding adventure to earn his way to greatness. The only momento he has from his adventures on the seas is a tarnished iron band he wears as a ring.

Matt 'Stingray' Smythe

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