Intro to Pathfinder

Pathfinder is very similar to 3.5 edition. The biggest change is the lore. New world means new dieties, history, geography, etc.

Here are things you should do:

  • Go to Paizo
  • Take a look at the Pathfinder Wiki
    • You should look at races/classes/etc
    • Pick a faction for your character. This is your alliance, and you will have secret missions each session.
  • When you are ready to roll up your character, talk to Lyle, Rene, or anyone else who has Hero Labs It is a great tool to make characters. You can also roll one up by yourself using the standard 20 point buy system.
  • Create an account on Dropbox and send Rene/Lyle your username so we can share out the folder with all of the Pathfinder goodness. This will have all characters, scenarios, scenario sheets, some pdf books, and maptools.

When you have a completed character:

  • Put your character on the wiki
  • Register your character on Paizo This is so the DMs can log the sessions and you get credit (XP and PA)! You level at 3 XP!

Intro to Pathfinder

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